Gel-Gloss 32 Ounce spray High Speed Detailer Detailing Spray RVQD.32 13-0603

Item No: 13-0603
Brand: Gel-Gloss
Mfg No: RVQD.32
Wt: 2.25
UPC: 072483010791
Manufacturer: Gel-Gloss
Availability: 55 in stock

ERV HI-SPEED DETAILER. Cleans & Shines GÇô Quick & Easy. RV Hi-Speed Detailer is an easy to use product. It is a quick dry detailer which will bring up a brilliant shine to your RV. No water is necessary. It is a safe, effective luster enhancer for all types of finishes. Special formula removes surface dirt without scratching and leaves an incredible high gloss look to your coach. Product is recommended to be used in the shade on a cool surface. If the product is used in sunlight or on a warm surface try to wipe off before it dries. Designed for safe application on paint, fiberglass and other surfaces like chrome and plastic. Cleans & Restores to a Brilliant Shine. A Dry Detailer that needs no water. Quick & Easy. Just Spray & Wipe. Great for Spot Cleaning or covering Larger Areas.