Fastway e2 (TM) 1,200/12,000 lbs Trunnion with Shank e2 (TM) Weight Dist Hitch 92-00-1200 14-5613

Item No: 14-5613
Brand: Fastway
Mfg No: 92-00-1200
Wt: 100.00
UPC: 856301002287
Manufacturer: Fastway
Availability: 48 in stock

The E2 hitches provide integrated sway control with weight distribution in one unit. The E2 hitch replaces the traditional chain-style weight distribution hitch. The unique rigid brackets provide an easy and quick hitch-up without any add-ons. With 2-point sway control, the E2 is a great entry level integrated sway control hitch. Trunnion 1,200/12,000 lb. Trn.