Fastway Flip (TM) Steel 4-1/2" x 6" Ext Trailer Jack Foot Trailer Jack Foot for 2-1/4" Tube 88-00-6500 15-0192

Item No: 15-0192
Brand: Fastway
Mfg No: 88-00-6500
Wt: 5.50
UPC: 856301002003
Manufacturer: Fastway
Availability: Out of stock

Fits 2-1/4 inch diameter round Jack. The automatic jack foot drops into place as you extend your jack, and automatically tucks up out of the way as you retract your jack. Quickly and easily adds 6 inch to your existing 2 inch (inner tube dimension) tongue jack! There are no pins to pull or insert and no more bending or kneeling down in the gravel.