303 Products Fabric Guard (TM) 32 Ounce spray Fabric Guard (TM) Fabric Cleaner 30606 93-6583

Item No: 93-6583
Brand: 303 Products
Mfg No: 30606
Wt: 3.30
UPC: 082043306066
Manufacturer: 303 Products
Availability: 50 in stock

303 HIGH TECH FABRIC GUARD™ - Protect your RV's fabrics &upholstery against soiling, both water & oilbased stains. Treated fabrics stay cleaner longer,and clean up easier when finally soiled.The fabric protector product recommended for Sunbrella (R), the RV acrylic awning fabric. Stops leaks, restores water repellency.Easy - Spray on, let dry. 32 oz. sprayer treats 100-150 sq. ft. of acrylic awning.